Berkeley Forest School

Summer Camp: Week of July 27

As our weeks have continued the children have been able to explore their relationships with animals all the more, exploring their roles and ours as they have played animal and trapper, skunk and spray victim...

Summer Camp: Week of July 20

We spent a lot more time in our meeting spot this week than usual and got to know the place all the better by exhuming rocks from their resting places, turning fennel stalks into edible swords, and more...

Summer Camp: Week of July 13

What a blast we've been having this week exploring out to all the edges of the park's North, South, East, and West sides!

Summer Camp: The First Three Weeks

Our first three weeks of camp at the Berkeley Marina were full of adventure and exciting discoveries. Here is a recap of some of the things we did!

Spring Forest Explorers Highlights

Spring was an exciting season at Tilden for the families in our Forest Explorers program. Now that we've finished the spring series, it's time to look back at some of the highlights.

Preschool Update: May 4-7. 2015

We've been spending our spring at two different Berkeley parks. Each offers myriad opportunities for exploration and discoveries. Here are some of the recent happenings!

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