Berkeley Forest School

Summer Camp: Week of July 20

By Heather Taylor

We spent a lot more time in our meeting spot this week than usual and got to know the place all the better by exhuming rocks from their resting places, turning fennel stalks into edible swords, examining the fog going back and forth past the Golden Gate Bridge, watching hawks hunting for prey, guessing which people held which kites, seeing a skunk, playing chase on the hillsides, saying "Hi!" to the parks workers, finding new climbing trees and staking claims to them, making airplanes, art, and bows and arrows, flying to the other planets, creating kites, and peering through animal holes. The use of sticks and all the good things we can do with them was really the common theme tying our week together. Here are some kids with sticks:

Stick Ride and Sword

Building an Outhouse

"Throw Sticks into the Bay Day"

Throwing Sticks into the Wind

What further adventures await?

3rd Aug, 2015

Heather Taylor is an experienced outdoor educator and California Master Teacher. She can be found in the Berkeley Forest School's preschool and camp programs.

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