Berkeley Forest School

Summer Camp: Week of July 27

By Heather Taylor

As our weeks have continued the children have been able to explore their relationships with animals all the more, exploring their roles and ours as they have played animal and trapper, skunk and spray victim. We have examined animal trails and holes through the bushes, speculating about foxes and skunks that may live inside. Teacher Elena captivated everyone with a tale of a large, growly mammal she experienced in the woods back in Ohio and we have been researching the skull she brought back from near the animal's cave. We took a trip to explore the "fish head dumpster," which most of the kids deemed too stinky to examine closely until I peeked my head inside and exclaimed, "Shark heads!" At that, most of them clambered up or asked to be lifted to get this great opportunity to examine a real shark up close. Now I want to get a dissecting kit and a way to reach inside that dumpster! Fish are fascinating, and sharks all the more so. We watched a hawk come to land near us and wondered if it was going to eat another snake. CA ground squirrels were welcomed into our camp this afternoon as they explored our space completely unthreatened until they spotted dogs in the distance. We thought about how much traps have intrigued us and thought up ways we might trap some squirrels. One child asked another to bring in a large apple tomorrow, while asking for additional supplies from other friends.

What further adventures await?

M obliges as he readily entered a trap set for him.

Examining the animal skull from Ohio.

Hello, ground squirrel!

3rd Aug, 2015

Heather Taylor is an experienced outdoor educator and California Master Teacher. She can be found in the Berkeley Forest School's preschool and camp programs.

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