Berkeley Forest School

tools and materials wish list

We use tools and materials extensively in our programs, and donations of specific items are always welcome. Below is an up-to-date list of items we are looking for.

wood crafts
• Hand drills, braces & augers
• Hatchets, small axes, adzes
• Hand saws
• Hand planes
• Chisels
• Hammers - ball-peen or cylindrical, no claw
• Mallets - rubber, wooden
• Drill & auger bits
• Untreated, unpainted lumber

farm and garden
• Trowels, hand rakes, hand hoes
• Short-handled shovels
• Leaf rakes
• Wine barrel halves (planters)
• Galvanized planters, buckets, pails
• Wood chips/mulch (truck load/s)
• Chicken feed
• Timothy hay (for rabbits)
• Bags of potting soil, garden soil

camp and misc outdoors
• Tarps, thick and intact
• Rope (good climbing rope, thick natural fiber, or parachute cord only)
• "Flint" fire starters - no magnesium

art materials
• Reams of white office paper
• Packs of colored construction paper
• Rolls of craft paper
• Nontoxic markers
• Large crayons
• Watercolor paint sets
• Tempera paint, bulk
• Paintbrushes
• Tempera paint, bulk

Equipment and materials should be in good, useable condition, free of corrosion/rust, rot, odors, grime, etc. We prefer tools made entirely of wood and/or metal; we accept plastic tools occasionally, such as rubber mallets.

To get in touch, please email us: donate (at) berkeleyforestschool (dot) org.

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